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August 24th, 2008

<strong>About buying steak online for best grilled steak, ribeye steak, Porterhouse steak, strip steak, angus beef, aged beefAs Labor Day approaches, many people are looking to grilling steak either for the family or preparing grilled steak for a party and guests.

As we cut back on many expenses, including going out for a expensive steak dinner might be one of these expenses. The Labor Day party is the time to treat your family or party guests to prime steak without busting the pocketbook.

Ordering steak online is a great way to get the best steak and find the right steak for grilling. Popular grilling steaks are ribeye steak, Porterhouse steak, T-bone steak, aged beef, Angus steak. We have been influenced that the best steaks are western beef from the midwest.

Getting steak online offers getting a Steak Package which when you break down the cost per steak, you can find getting premium steaks at less than a steak dinner out. The only difference is you have to the steak grilling yourself and add some side dishes like garlic mashed potatoes and fresh salad. As far as Labor Day party food, this is pretty simple.

Both Ribeye steaks and Porterhouse steaks are ideal grilling steaks as they are flavorful and tender. A rib-eye steak or a Porterhouse, has a section of tenderloin on one side of the bone and a NY strip on the other.

To get your ribeyes, T-bone, Porterhouse steaks to look like the steak dinner you get served in a restaurant with the grill marks, turn the steaks with tongs or a spatula a quarter-turn halfway through cooking on each side.

Enjoy your Labor Day which is sometimes considered the last day of grilling season and buy steak online, treat your friends and family to some mail order steaks. Consider it part of the staycation movement to save on gas and enjoy the things that we have close to home like grilling steak with people we like to share time with.